MOT: newly constructed inland river ships shall equip with sewage treatment unit
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Information from MOT dated November 20 indicates that P.R. China MSA published the Technical Rules for Statutory Inspection to Inland River Ships (2019) (hereinafter referred  to as “Rules”) recently, explicitly stipulating that as of June 1, 2020, a newly constructed inland river ship shall equip with sewage treatment or storage unit.


Related person in charge from MOT introduced that these Rules set forth clear and explicit technical provisions systematically for inspections to design, construction and operation of Chinese inland river ships with LOA exceeding 20m, made comprehensive and systematical revision to inland river ships inspection system, safety and pollution prevention technical requirements.


In respect of safety technical requirements, the Rules stipulates that electric positioning device equipped on a ship shall meet the performance standard of Beidou, explicitly requiring that per capita area for esthetic area on tour boats (designed with esthetic areas and sleeping cabins) and sightseeing boats (only designed with esthetic areas) shall not be lower than 0.4square meter and such area shall not be counted into passenger quota calculation.


In respect of pollution prevention requirements, the Rules explicitly sets forth testing standard for ship diesel engines, stipulating that cargo oil holds of an oil tanker below 600DWT navigating in Yangtze River shall be of double hull structure or structure of equivalent effect. The Rules also sets forth electrical requirements for ship-borne equipment when the ship is using shore power, as well as fire safety technical requirements that a ship shall use lithium iron phosphate batteries for its power source.


This person in charge expressed that publication and implementation of the Rules would play a positive promoting role for the navigation safety of Chinese inland river ships and environmental protection. The Rules will officially come into implementation on June 1, 2020.




Source: Xinhua Net

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